Receive the "Gift of Faith" Right Now!

Posted on June 29, 2020

by Demontae Edmonds

Receive the "Gift of Faith" Right Now!






You can always count on Demontae Edmond's prophetic revelation to be "on point." When he prophesies, his words go straight to the heart of the matter and you can feel a prophetic charge in the atmosphere.

It's always a JOY to spend time with Demontae as he is full of heavenly revelation and amazing stories. You're even going to hear how Demontae "dined with alligators" all around him! Wow!

Demontae is going to charge you with the "gift of faith" — how to receive it and see it increase in your life. Enjoy this episode now and watch your faith level arise to do the impossible!


Steve and Derene Shultz