John Mark Pool: "A New Era of Extreme Prophetic Breakthrough"

Posted on December 10, 2019

by John Mark Pool

A New Era of Extreme Prophetic Breakthrough

John Mark Pool is a dear friend of ours and is a true prophet in the Body of Christ.

In this latest interview, watch as John Mark Pool describes his visits to Heaven, including meeting his older brother who he’d never met in real life! Even Oral Roberts talked to him, you will be fascinated about the HEALING MINISTRY that Oral Roberts is involved in — IN HEAVEN.

Then listen to what God is saying about the year 2020 and the decade of the 2020’s. You’ll even hear who will be President — NEXT!

I encourage you to WATCH this powerful episode from John Mark Pool and then order his products below that we put together JUST FOR YOU — our Elijah Streams viewer, available at this link:

Enjoy this episode and exclusive products from John Mark Pool!


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