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ElijahStreams (was) the Best Worship Mix 24/7—No Charge, No Commercials

ELIJAHSTREAMS is no longer broadcasting. Please read the message in the next column. And thank you for listening in the past! Blessings...


"Climb This Mountain"



Latest LISTENER COMMENTS from our Facebook Page and email:

Finally! First time in my life to have a radio station that plays the music I want to hear. Thank you for helping me focus on Jesus!

This is my favorite online station! you don't hear fierce worship like this on the radio! this is the deep calling unto deep.

Yay! My worship arsenal is being restored. Thanks I was going through a drought but now, I'm buying new worship music I heard on your station. #ablessing

Awesome pure worship music!! i love it.

Great music, I find I'm much more productive listening to Elijah Stream while working from home, God Bless, -Raleigh, NC

Thank you for this Stream of heavenly sounds.

Thank you for the wonderful music. I am ill in bed and soaking on it. Love and blessings from The Netherlands, Europe.

Listening from Colombia. GBY.

Praise the Lord oh, my soul - You bring such wonderful worship songs to honor God

Recently I encouraged a friend to spend some time in the tent. he did,the Holy Spirit used the time to draw his wife in... now she spends that time too...Thanks

I didn't realize until today that Elijahstreams iRadio was on facebook...I have been a listener for several years and have enjoyed much music that helps me keep in a worship mode no matter what is going on...tune in you won't regret it! Music that exalts our Lord and brings us closer to Him is life and breath

Thanks for the beautiful worship music, The Father dances over us, He woo's us to Him. Many Blessings.

Everyone always asks me what new music I have found because they love the albums I loan them when they are wanting to go deeper in God and their time with Him...I tell them here.

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January 2016


To Our Dear ElijahStreams Listeners:

I want to personally thank all our listeners for their support in prayer, logging on to listen and also in donations over the years, to keep ElijahStreams on the air.

Since 2005 we have been broadcasting our unique mix of mainstream and prophetic worship to the nations... it's been an amazing journey!

We are so grateful to the Lord as He has breathed life into each song, and touched hearts, especially in places that are hard to reach with the Gospel. We give God all the glory.

At the end of this month, our server, Live365 is closing their doors, and after much prayer and consideration, we have made the very difficult decision to end our broadcast of ElijahStreams at the end of this month.

We know there are many other anointed streams of worship available to our listeners, and we bless what they're doing.

I want to also thank the many musicians, singers and songwriters who have contributed to this unique mix of worship on ElijahStreams. We're grateful they've shared their gifts and talents with us, so we were able to share them with you.

Our last day of ElijahStreams broadcast will be Sunday, January 31st.

The good news is Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, and He loves to hear your worship--so don't stop singing, dancing or lifting your hands to the Lord.

He is worthy!

Thank you again, and if God puts it on your heart, please pray for Elijah List Ministries... it's the closing of one door, but the opening of another.

...Now "Open up the doors and let the music play!"...

-Aimee Herd, ElijahStreams Program/Music Director


(ElijahStreams mascots: Kahlui and Zuzu)

Thank you for helping us lift up the name of Jesus, and fill the internet, the world, and each of your homes, cars and workplaces with a stream of worship that brings life.

May God richly bless you!


Check out our Top 20 Worship Songs list, and please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages. Let us know where you're listening from; we love to hear from our listeners!